Natural Stone

28 Dec, 2023

Natural Stone

5 Best Natural Stones for Your Residential Space

People have been admiring and loving the beauty of natural stones for ages. As a leading sandstone supplier, we can say that the trend of using these stones in spaces will only increase in the upcoming years. While there are a variety of natural stones available with us and in the market, in this blog, […]

22 Nov, 2023

Natural Stone

4 Reasons to Choose Natural Stone Veneers for Your Interior and Exterior Applications

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that natural stone is a direct synonym for natural beauty because we have not met anyone who doesn’t admire or wish to have the work of natural stones in their spaces. Well, we have a solution – natural stone veneers. No other material can match the beauty of natural […]

21 Jun, 2023

Natural Stone

Marble vs. Granite: Which is the Best Option for Your Home?

Marble and natural granite stone, two of the most popular materials among homeowners and interior designers, are natural stones preferred for their beauty, properties, and durability. However, people are always bewildered when choosing any of the two for their space. You might be eager to choose your favorite natural stone for interior design, and wall […]

30 May, 2023

Natural Stone

8 Different Types of Natural Stones

Natural stone tiles are nowadays used mostly given their characteristics, the most important one being their sustainability. There are numerous types of natural stone which is why it’s essential to do your research. However, to make your task a tad bit easier, as a natural stone exporter in India, we want to highlight eight types […]

25 May, 2023

Natural Stone

5 Advantages of Using Natural Stone in Bathroom

Natural stones are popular, given their durability, beauty, and performance. They are helpful not only in personal and commercial spaces but also in the bathroom. In fact, more and more homeowners have begun installing natural stones into their showers. As a natural stone manufacturer in India, we want to highlight five significant advantages of using […]

03 May, 2023

Natural Stone

Reasons to Use Natural Stones for Interior Design

In today’s world, people look for elements that enhance their home or commercial decor and give it a more contemporary touch. Natural stones provide a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic that enhances any space’s overall look and feel. They make the place look more vibrant, exhibit warmth, and create a welcoming environment for the people around. […]