5 Best Natural Stones for Your Residential Space

28 Dec, 2023 | By Admin
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People have been admiring and loving the beauty of natural stones for ages. As a leading sandstone supplier, we can say that the trend of using these stones in spaces will only increase in the upcoming years.

While there are a variety of natural stones available with us and in the market, in this blog, we will discuss some of the best options you can choose from for your residential space.

Let’s begin without further due!

Best Natural Stone Options for Your Space


Granite is a sturdy natural stone offering strong stain and spill resistance properties. This stone can last for years or even decades with proper care and maintenance. Granite is available in a variety of colors and patterns, and the stone’s durability makes it perfect for flooring and countertop applications. Another factor adding to its popularity is its capacity to withstand heavy foot traffic. So, make sure to check the varieties of granite available with us!


Marble is unbeatable when it comes to beauty. The stone has been and will be loved by one and all. What makes the stone more lovable is its properties. Marble is extremely durable and easy to maintain, and the rich textures add a touch of elegance to the space. People prefer using marble for floors, countertops, showers, fireplaces, foyers, and highlight walls. There are many ways to use marble in your space, you can use marble anywhere as per your convenience and the space’s functionality.


Limestone is one of the most commonly used natural stones for construction purposes. It is a strong, versatile material that can be easily molded according to the application’s requirements. The popular residential applications of limestone include flooring, countertops, exterior and interior wall cladding, and decoratives.


Slate is a non-porous natural stone with excellent moisture and spill resistance. Additionally, it does not require thorough regular cleaning and is easy to maintain. Considering the properties, slate is popular for flooring, tabletops, fireplaces, and kitchen countertops. Even though it might cost you a bit more compared to some natural stones, it will surely add aesthetic and monetary value to your space. It is a worthy investment!


Sandstone is highly durable, making it an ideal choice for building materials. However, it is a porous stone and will require sealants to last the same for years to come. Apart from being used as a building material, it is commonly used for chimneys, fireplace facings, and patio benches.

You now know some popular natural stones people prefer using in their homes. Let us now take you through three factors that play a major role in selecting the most suitable natural stone for your space.

  • Finish

Natural stones come in a variety of finishes, including honed, polished, antique, brushed, and leather. Before choosing one, understand different finishes and check with the designer or the supplier which finish or finishes best suit your requirement/application.

  • Use Case

Choose natural stone according to the usage of the application area. Also, consider the abrasion resistance of the stone as per the usage. Harder natural stones have high abrasion resistance properties; the opposite goes for softer stones. Please know that if you choose to go with softer natural stones, you must put more time and effort into their cleaning and maintenance.

  • Color

Different types of natural stones have different color palettes. Choose a color according to the overall theme of your space and your preference.


Several natural stones can be used interchangeably to suit multiple applications, and as a natural stone supplier, we can help you with the selection if required. If you need a natural stone for any residential application, get in touch with us for the best quality and competitive prices.

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