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Slate is a fine-particle metamorphic rock with minerals like kaolinite, illite, and smectite. Famous for its unique pattern and color variations, it is usually available in shades of green, blue, purple, gray, or black with a brown or red hue variation.


natural slate stone

is durable, easy to maintain, and not prone to weather changes, making it a popular choice for various architectural applications that involves flooring and roofing.

What is the Reason Behind Slate’s Popularity?

Slate, a versatile stone, offers a distinctive combination of beauty and functionalities. This eco-friendly stone possesses non-porous properties, making it resistant to stains and moisture. It also shows decent resistance to scratches and comparatively generates low carbon footprints.

Overall, any established

slate stone exporter

determines it as a low-maintenance material with common utilization in areas requiring continuous cleaning.

Do You Need to Seal Slate Tiles Before Grouting?

Yes! Even though the slate is less porous, it still requires regular sealing to prevent the soaking of stains or liquids. Applying a sealant before grouting is essential to protect the grout color from penetrating the tiles. For the best slate tiles or countertops recommendations, contact a leading

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Can Slate Break Easily?

It is a long-prevailing myth that slate breaks apart or cracks easily.

The reality is that splitting the slate is a part of the production process to achieve the desired thickness. However, when it comes to installation, the natural material might still be raw; thus, it requires proper treatment and accurate installation.

Once things go smoothly, it is unlikely for a slate to crack even under extreme weight or pressure.

How to Maintain Slate?

As a natural stone, even slates from the best

slate stone supplier

require some maintenance to prevent them from deteriorating with time.

Use gentle soap, hot water, and a soft cloth to clean regularly. Avoid using harsh cleaners, and if scratches persist, use steel wool followed by a sealer polish to restore the stone’s look.


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