04 Mar, 2024 | By Admin

Top Reasons to Choose Natural Slate Stone for Your Kitchen

Natural stone has been used to adorn kitchens for generations, providing a unique fusion of ageless elegance and practicality. Natural slate stone tiles are a particularly appealing option for the house’s centre. Let’s examine the factors that may make slate tiles the ideal choice for your kitchen: Unmatched Durability Kitchens are busy places with lots […]

09 Feb, 2024 | By Admin

Debunking Popular Misconceptions About Granite Counterto

Granite countertops have long been popular for their beauty, durability, strength, functionality, hardness, and whatnot! But, with popularity comes clouds of misconceptions, and as a leading granite tiles manufacturer in the country, we are here with a blog debunking all your granite countertop myths. Popular Granite/Granite Countertop Myths Granite is Not Affordable Well, we wouldn’t […]

28 Dec, 2023 | By Admin

5 Best Natural Stones for Your Residential Space

People have been admiring and loving the beauty of natural stones for ages. As a leading sandstone supplier, we can say that the trend of using these stones in spaces will only increase in the upcoming years. While there are a variety of natural stones available with us and in the market, in this blog, […]

22 Nov, 2023 | By Admin

4 Reasons to Choose Natural Stone Veneers for Your Interior and Exterior Applications

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that natural stone is a direct synonym for natural beauty because we have not met anyone who doesn’t admire or wish to have the work of natural stones in their spaces. Well, we have a solution – natural stone veneers. No other material can match the beauty of natural […]

16 Oct, 2023 | By Admin

Marble: 5 Unique Ways to Incorporate It in Your Home

Marble has always been the first choice of interiors and space owners for several indoor and outdoor applications. Apart from its timeless beauty and elegance, these stones can significantly contribute to the functionality of your space while enhancing its charm. While the beauty element is always considered when choosing marble, other benefits and elements of […]

02 Oct, 2023 | By Admin

Granite Countertops: Characteristics and Maintenance

Granite, a natural masterpiece, is an igneous rock that has captivated humans for centuries. Thanks to its beauty, durability, and other properties, this stone has been used for a range of outdoor and indoor applications, especially bathroom and kitchen countertops. As one of India’s leading natural stone slab suppliers, we know granite countertops’ capabilities, but […]

04 Sep, 2023 | By Admin

Natural Stone for Wall Paneling: Is It an Ideal Choice?

Statement walls are meant to beautify spaces, and wall paneling has been used to create such walls. Wall paneling refers to beautifying or concealing walls using different materials to achieve design effects, durability, and better insulation. The wall paneling allows owners to create a space that best represents their choice along with their style. Of […]

31 Jul, 2023 | By Admin

6 Reasons to Choose Granite Stairs for Your Hardscape Design

Granite, a beautiful natural stone, is known to stand the test of time. This light-colored rock, mostly formed in mountainous regions, comprises potassium feldspar, quartz grains, and sodium feldspar. It is not uncommon for you to note granite bathroom or kitchen countertops because of their longevity, strength, and beauty. Granite, as a versatile stone, is […]

25 Jul, 2023 | By Admin

5 Ways to Use Marble in Your Space

Marble, with its picturesque beauty, has been captivating human hearts for decades. With limestone as its natural stone root, marble is known for its durability, longevity, and luxurious appeal. Architects, interiors, and space owners utilize the uniqueness of stone’s vein structure for several decor and construction purposes. However, are you one of those who love […]

27 Jun, 2023 | By Admin

4 Reasons to Go with the Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles Trend

In the interior design and home decor industry, trends keep changing, but one that is here to stay for long is natural stone mosaic tiles. These tiles add an artistic and unique touch to kitchens, outdoor areas, bathrooms, and any space. From their visuals to their longevity, they are in trend for multiple reasons. So, […]