03 May, 2023 | By Admin

Reasons to Use Natural Stones for Interior Design

In today’s world, people look for elements that enhance their home or commercial decor and give it a more contemporary touch. Natural stones provide a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic that enhances any space’s overall look and feel. They make the place look more vibrant, exhibit warmth, and create a welcoming environment for the people around. […]

27 Apr, 2023 | By Admin

5 Creative Ways to Use Mosaic Tiles in Your Home

Hello, fellow interior enthusiasts! Are you on the lookout for some out-of-the-box ideas to spice up your interiors using mosaic tiles? Well, look no further, friends; as the leading mosaic tiles supplier, StoneSenter brings you five unconventional ways to jazz up your home using these little wonders. Read on to explore the beauty of mosaics […]

05 Apr, 2023 | By Admin

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sandstone for Flooring

A question to start with. What will you get if you add sand + stone? Sandstone obviously. It is one of the most fascinating and versatile natural stones with captivating textures, rich history, and distinctive physical attributes. A popular sedimentary rock – sandstone, is a composition of tiny grains of gravel, sand, or minerals like […]

30 Mar, 2023 | By Admin

How to Keep Green Rainforest Marble Slabs Looking Beautiful?

How many of you choose green rainforest marble in your home interiors for their lustrous and rich looks? The answer is almost everybody. Marble stones add class and elegance to your home, and we at StoneSenter know that’s one of their key selling points. But, like every beautiful thing, these, too, need a bit of […]

09 Mar, 2023 | By Admin

6 Benefits of Choosing Natural Stone Pool Coping

If you’re building or renovating a swimming pool, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right pool coping. Pool coping refers to the material used to cap the pool’s edge, creating a smooth transition from the pool’s interior to its exterior surroundings. As a leading natural stone exporter in India, we suggest using […]

10 Oct, 2022 | By Admin

Stone Senter’s: Global Presence & World-Class Products

Stone Senter’s prolific portfolio and presence have been awe-inspiring. Being in the space for such a long time as a prime natural stone exporter in India, we have continually enhanced our processes, services, products, and infrastructure to serve our international clientele with an ultra-superb product range. Our product range is quite vast and our global […]