Jack Black Wall Panel

Jack Black Wall Panel

Available Sizes: 60 x 15 cm, 40 x 10 cm, 40 x 20 cm and other customized size.
Application: Walls, Bathroom, Exterior, Commercial, Kitchen, etc.
Available Finishes: Natural, Polished, and Rock Faced.
Available Thickness: 0.8 to 2 CM
Product Origin: North India

Product details

Jack Black slate is bold black coloured slate having natural shininess on its surface that offers it a exclusive look and so is pretty most popular stone everywhere the planet. Black it-self is authoritative and evoke sturdy emotions to the environment a more subtle look. jack Black Slate could be a stunning and versatile product that adds a feeling of heat and unaltered magnificence to go with or feature any style.

Stonesenter India, a leading Indian manufacturer and exporter of Jack Black Slate, offers this extremely responsive Slates in finishes like Natural, Polished, and Honed Tiles and Wallpanels/ ledgestones, we offer our customers the choice to customize the size and thickness of Jack Black Slate.

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